Student Projects

My most recent classes have all had such enthusiastics learners that have inspired my general outlook as of late. I try my best to snap pics (not every piece photographs well) but there has been such a range in ideas and skills that have me excited to teach, interact and share more than ever.

Below is an array of images from the last few classes taught by me; resident goldsmith, Manager, new ukulele owner: Alexis.

1) Advanced Casting: mold making multiples, attaching findings, setting gemstones 2) Intro Casting: Ring 3) Intermediate Casting: making multiples, attaching findings 4) Intro Casting: Cuttlefish Casting

Intermediate Casting goals! using a piece in multiple to create a one of a kind standout pieces. Made with recycled silver, reused chain.

1) One Day Intro Enamel: using enamels wet 2) One Day Intermediate Enamel: cloisonné 3) One Day Intro Enamel: using threaders/using enamel wet 4) One Day Intro Enamel: Using stencils/colour blocking 5) One Day Intermediate Enamel: cloisonné/champlevée

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