Last minute gifts.

Dear Sunday

The most
incredible holiday of the year is only one week away, Christmas!

Time to extend
Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness and much more to all.  A time to share with family and friends. One
of the many things we do at Christmas is to show our love and appreciation to the most
important people in our lives.  This is
where Jewel Envy comes in handy.  We have many lovely
pieces made from the talented goldsmiths on site.

It’s very
difficult to choose, but I will give you three options as last minute gifts.

Beautiful rings in white and yellow gold with
sapphires or plain for an incredible and fancy

Christmas present!


Colorful and gorgeous earrings in Sterling Silver with
pearls. They are so extraordinary, that you will be
tempted to get one for yourself! atelier J  
Unique, bold bracelets or necklaces in
Sterling Silver , 14 K gold plated, to surprise your best friend!
As a bonus may I suggest something for YOU, a tiny little
necklace in Sterling Silver, 16” long, timeless, inexpensive, to wear all year around; a plum, just for YOU!


From all of us at JEWEL ENVY, we wish you Wonderful Holidays, Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year.

Have a happy Sunday.