Let’s talk about garnets

I guess it’s fortunate for me that I was born in January, because I LOVE garnets (or maybe I like them because they’re my birthstone? who knows). Most people know them as a deep red colour, or a reddish-brown like this bead necklace:

garnet bead necklace with textured silver hollow form from House of Cassady

Did you realise, though, that they come in other colours, including orange and green?

orange garnet, sometimes known as mandarin, tangerine or spessarite (if you want to be more technical!) used from: wikimedia commons
green garnet, tsavorite (used from: wikimedia commons)

Garnets are silicates, and as with many crystals, the colour variation comes from the other minerals that are incorporated, for example, red can result from Aluminium/iron, while if it’s manganese/aluminium, a more orangey colour is the result. Interested in knowing more? There is alot of information available about garnets, but you can look here, or here to find out more.

On this dreary day, I’m thinking about the warm orange variety of garnet:).

Happy Sunday!