Let’s use your old jewellery to create something new!

One of the things we tell new visitors to the studio is that along with custom work we do repairs and redesigns. I always get excited when people have follow up questions. I find its common for people to have a few pieces that they are keeping, but are not wearing because the style isn’t something they are excited to wear. We can assess old gold jewellery and let you know what can be melted and reused and anything that cannot be reused can be taken to a refinery and be used as payment towards creating a new piece.  

The exciting part is discussing ideas and direction for how you would like your jewellery transformed. We encourage people to check out work created by the onsite goldsmiths and we can set up a consultation with them. Otherwise, whomever is on retail can discuss and take down details with you. After an initial consult you receive sketches and quotes for style options and once you are happy with a design we start creating for you.

We removed the diamond and melted the gold to make our client a new ring.

If you have jewellery that is not getting to see sunlight we encourage you to drop in and start the process of redesigning with us. We love transforming pieces into something you are excited to wear and show off!


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