Lilypad ring is done! It’s my first time trying arctic fox silver. It works pretty much the same as sterling silver. However, the fancy part of arctic fox silver is that it is anti-tarnishing!! It’s a wonderful idea; especially, it will save me lots of time on cleaning tarnished jewellery. And also, I no longer need to worry about polishing stones away.
This lilypad was originally carved in wax and cast with a wax ring on the bottom. It was a bit of challenging on finding the right spots for sprues in order to make sure the whole thing is cast. There are several different types of gems that were set on. The big oval stone on the bottom right is tourmaline. The rest of small gems are topaz, peridot, tsavorite garnet, rhodolite garnet and white sapphires. White sapphires are tiny, which is to express water drops on the leaf.
Here is a quick snap shot of it to show everyone.

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