Making old jewellery new again!

I bet everyone has seen those silly commercials for buying your used jewellery and thought to themselves I wonder if I have anything in my jewellery box worth selling? If you have thought that the next question should be what would make it worth selling? Are you looking for cash back like the commercials say they offer? Or is selling your gold jewellery just a means to end for buying new jewellery?

Have you been holding off because the jewellery has sentimental value, despite the limited wear it receives. Or do you just worry the rate you get back wouldn’t be worth selling it for? Both valid thoughts but I would like to add a new idea into the mix to consider.

Why not reuse your gold in a new design you choose? Here are Jewel Envy we have all of the equipment needed to melt down your old gold and reuse it in new pieces. We can cut out stones from settings, change the alloy of your gold by adding in other metals, and we do not charge extra to do this. If you have extra gold we can not use we can sell it for you and you get exactly what the refinery pays us. Now we are not in the business of buying your gold, and we won’t sell your gold for you if you are not ordering something from us, but if you are placing an order we are happy to offer this service.

It seems the bulk of my orders are for work like this lately. I have melted down grandparents wedding bands to make new wedding bands for the grandchildren about to be wed, melted a mishmash of jewellery not being worn anymore, and even some family heirloom pieces that weigh so much they will probably pay for multiple orders! Reusing things you already have means nothing goes to waste and you can enjoy something new…until the next time you want a jewellery make over :o)

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