My Favourite Things
Hello friends!  I know what you’re thinking – I have great taste.  So today I am sharing with you 
my favourite pieces from the artists at Jewel Envy.  It was exhausting work narrowing it down to just 
one favourite, but I am rewarding myself with chocolate and a nap.
Warning: beautiful jewellery ahead!
Glaciale by Alexis Kotsuk
 Alexis is a fantastic artist who works so well in many different mediums – I love 
the colour on this enameled magnet. 
 Jewelust by Amanda Henderson
 This necklace is a perfect example of Amanda’s work, and a perfect showcase for
her metal-forming talents.  I especially like the asymmetrical balance.
 Ellolite by Ellen Tsai
Literary jewellery – a floral bookmark, cut out in painstaking detail.  (SO much
nicer than my dentist’s business card, which is what I use.) 
 Pash by Gillian Batcher
I love these spoon earrings with the sprinkling of stones.  Such a lovely, organic shape 
and just the perfect amount of sparkle.
 Iona Alexandra Jewellery by Iona Kanellopoulos
Yellow gold is the perfect contrast for these pink stones – the wire work frames 
 and accentuates the teardrops without hiding anything.
Kathryn Rebecca by Katie Pitt
Katie’s work is very close to nature, like taking a refreshing walk in the forest.  With bling.  Her work 
is dainty yet strong, organic and lovely.
Lauren Hanham Jewellery Designs by Lauren Hanham
Someone else is very skilled at the metal-forming!  I really like how the shape of the 
whole piece mimics the shape of the individual pieces, and the patina 
really highlights the texture just perfectly.
 Lianne Friesen by… Lianne Friesen!
Stud earrings are my very favourite!  These are especially great because at first glance they
seem to be simple and straightforward, when really they have so many layers.  (Haha get it?!)
 Theresa Duong Arts by Theresa Duong
A fantastic pair of cufflinks for the fashionable guy who knows jewellery isn’t
just for women!  I love the details – the cutout, the texture, everything.
Archerade by Sasha Oda
And because i don’t like being left out – a bracelet with etched details.  Very organic with 
subtle design, that’s kind of my thing.
And that concludes our blog for the day.  OBVIOUSLY the photos just don’t do the jewellery justice, so you should OBVIOUSLY get down here and see the work for yourself!!  OBVIOUSLY!!
Bye! ~Sasha