My type of Winter’s Jewelery

Hello Sunday Readers,

In winter days, cold
and gloomy, it’s when your lovely and dear jewelry takes a central
stage! It’s now more important than ever to wear earrings, they will
make you shine, and you will feel beautiful.
The hat and the scarf keep you warm, but a great pair of earrings are the magic touch to make you feel unique!
have here a pic of one of my favorite pairs, I made this one’s a couple
of winters ago, big pearls, shine little diamonds, all I needed to make
my winter less cold and sunnier!

White Gold Earrings with Pearls and Diamonds, hplafaurie

I love long and statement necklaces, a couple of weeks ago I made a gorgeous short one with a sparkly diamond!
It’s difficult to wear necklaces in winter, the sweaters and the coat are bulky, this little necklace make me feel whole again!

36″ Sterling Silver Necklace with charms, hplafaurie         
36″ Sterling Silver Necklace with Coins, hplafaurie
14 K Gold Chain with a Diamond, hplafaurie

bangles are part of myself, in summer time, or in winter time, they are
my best friends, I have many, I make one for me maybe ones a year, they
are incredible nice and go with any outfit, its noise keeps me alive!
This is part of my collection, I can make one for you any time!

Sterling Silver Bracelets, hplafaurie

Rings are forever! little ones, big ones, all of them are for any
occasion, these three ones can make your winter memorable, I wear mine
with three gold bands.

    Sterling Silver Rings with CZ, hplafaurie
               Sterling Silver Rings with CZ, Gold Bands, hplafaurie

Sun and happiness can be in your heart if you let them in! 

Have a nice Sunday!


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