Custom Orders, 

Made just for You

Jewel Envy, most goldsmiths can make your dream piece, just the way you want
are a few important steps to follow though to avoid disappointment and make
sure you get what you want and give your piece of jewellery with this very more
special and unique feel.
a first discussion about the project we would then send you a quote and
drawing, once agreed and a deposit paid, we would them start working on the piece. 
of my lovely customer wanted three brooches. She was thinking of something with
the eternal knot symbol which has different meaning in different cultures and
has been around Since 2500BC (yes it’s true). I do wear myself a bracelet with
this  sign on my arm everyday as a reminder of various symbols in my life,
therefore as such I was also well inspired.  This particular customer and
I share something as both lived in HK, maybe that why we both like this
symbol…. anyways…back to the custom order process 
me personally making this brooch was something new, and I tried a few methods
before deciding how to go about it. At the end I decided to fabricated the brooches
from thick metal sheet rather than carve them out of wax. I showed the prototype
(in brass) to my client and we agreed to make it ticker and keep it to the same
then started working on making all three pieces for her and I believed she was
very happy with the final pieces, one which I believe was for her to keep two
to give away the special people in her life.
 are a few of the pictures (I really need to make a mental note to myself
to take a good picture of every piece before selling them!!!!!).
Jewel Envy we thrive to offer our clients with unique service and beautiful
jewellery pieces just the way they want them….  open communication is
key in order to achieve this. 
goldsmiths here all have different experiences and each custom order is a
different as our lovely customers,
and talk to us about what we can make for you, 
Have a lovely beautiful Sunday,
Ivane Thiebaut Goldsmith at Jewel Envy

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