oh, rats!

This morning while sweeping the studio I came across studio mate’s Micheline missing glasses, fired up the kiln, and after adding inventory sat down to do some internet reading.

Glasses found! pic of me wearing Mish’s glasses. Damn girl, you blind!

I was catching up on the latest blogess and went off on a google search tangent for taxidermy in Toronto…

You guys……

There is a Taxidermy class available in which you can create your own anthropomorphically posed rat. 

photo of Ankixa Risk’s work

The teacher, Ankixa Risk teaches around various locations and even creates taxidermy jewellery:

Ankixa’s taxidermy jewellery, click the picture to check out her instagram!

What better month to track down wonderfully weird handcrafted items. And if you’re a keener like me you will be obsessing about how you would like to pose and dress your soon to be rat after signing up for a class! -Alexis

More of Ankixa’s work.