Our final installment from our intern Siyu! Making a necklace from paper during COVID 19

Hello Jewel Envy Readers!

My name is Siyu and during my final semester of school, while interning at Jewel Envy we needed to stay home due to COVID 19. For our final project we were required to make something at home with limited simple materials. I choose to reuse some paper to make a paper flower necklace. The process was not hard and the results were amazing!


  • Cut four of the same size square papers and fold three times to be the shape  showed in the images.
  • Cut an angle on every paper to let them all be flower shape.
  • Then cut different parts off to be petals.
  • Use glue to glue every petal together.
  • Use a tool to roll up every petals’ edges.
  • Cut the end of every petal then glue them together.
  • A paper flower is done.
  • use a tool to roll up a long narrow paper
  • Glue the paper rolls to the back center of every flower. A commercial chain or lace ribbon can go though it to hang the flower

Another way to hang the necklace is to cut two narrow symmetrical slits to let a lace ribbon go through every flower.

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