Pearls Aren’t Just for Barbie Anymore!

Barbie and her pearls have always been an iconic image, but here at Jewel Envy, we want to show you that pearls can be for everyone!

Pearls are a great way to add a little extra pizazz to any outfit!

Good quality pearls are also something that you can feel good about with wearing! Today, properly cultured pearls are ethically and sustainably sourced. The most beautiful pearls require the best living conditions which means that the environment in which they are grown in have to be pristine. That means protecting the waters in which they are grown in, and taking care of the animals that produce these marvelous little gems.

Many of our goldsmiths already incorporate the use of pearls in their work, but you can always come in and ask for a custom pearl piece as well!

Acrylic, sterling silver, and pearl earrings by Edna Milevsky and a sterling silver nautilus pendant with a cute little pearl by Aurora Simmons.

More pearl studs and earrings by Edna Milevsky.

Various pearl and gemstone necklaces in both sterling silver and gold by Edna Milevsky.

Lastly, a few tips for keeping your pearls so they last for many years!

  1. Pearls should be the last thing that you put on and the first thing that you take off when leaving and returning home. Spray your perfume and hairspray before you put on your pearls in order to protect the nacre from harsh chemicals.
  2. Pearls love moisture! So do not store them in an airtight plastic bag or in a safe or safety deposit box! The best place to keep them is wrapped in a soft cloth and then stored in a soft pouch.
  3. Maintenance! It is important to restring your pearls every few years in order to keep them looking their best and so you have less chance of breakage. (We offer pearl re-stringing here at Jewel Envy!)

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