Private Beauty

Jewellery is often with us during special moments, experiences, and milestones.  Sometimes it is given to us by a special person, or in a special way, or at a special time.  Our jewellery pieces carry these memories for us, even when we didn’t mean them to.  Sometimes there are experiences so personal, and so common, that we keep them in our own special way, and only share them with certain people, when we feel the time is right.  It might be through a song, a poem, sculpture, or painting, and this is often the way that artists touch us in the deepest way – by channeling, sharing and expressing our stories.  As goldsmiths, our poetry and sculpture is precious and portable.  We are acutely aware we are always creating vessels that may carry memories and emotions which haven’t happened yet, but sometimes, we also get to design pieces that can carry an emotion someone has been holding alone.  This is a special connection we have, and always have had, to the human experience.

The flower pendant with an empty petal, pictured here, is a piece designed by our own @frekkeldesigns for those who would like a subtle, sweet expression of a personal memory or loss.  As the warm weather arrives, and new life is on display, we can enjoy it all, and quietly remember.

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