A quiet January it is NOT!!!

After a busy November and December I was looking forward to
a quiet January…No of course not!!!

I’m sitting here on my macbook and let’s see I have fedex, a custom brokers, the financial times, the canadian tax sites, oh and myspace open because i’m always in search of music artists.

But luckily I have a business trip to ARIZONA in a couple weeks for the annual Tucson Gem Show so luckily I can relax….yeah right my new designs are still scribbles on a page, nevermind the production of them oh and the the website and a million other things!

But what’s even more exiciting then being able to attend the biggest gem show on the planet is the fact that I am almost finished a idea I’ve been working on for years…My original 45 rpm record adapter pendant which started off as a birthday present for a DJ but years later after enough DJ’s asking me “So Quincy, when is this 45 actually going to work as an adapter in side a record?” Guess what it’s finally evolved into an adapter and a piece of jewellery.  It took me a long time to work out how I could get them to work seeing as they are now metal and not plastic, and usual production techniques just wouldn’t work and then I had to find the right person to help me with major technicalities and of course like magic its all come together and as one DJ told me “it works beautifully.” They will be available in Silver and Gold soon, very soon!!!!