Resurrecting my blog…

Lately I have been busy behind the scenes trying to reintegrate my old blog onto my website. Luckily there is a blog section… but unlucky for me it means having to transfer each post I made in the past 10 years over one by one, yay! Thankfully I was not a very prolific blogger, however I was extremely active back in 2011 apparently. I included pics grabbed from some of my favourite past post. And if you can’t get enough you can visit to see more!

Here you can see a trio of resin rings I created in 2010. These were just at the beginning of me exploring with resin, so there are quite a few resin posts after this one!
This is one of my past custom pieces that I am most proud and excited to see; it combines a Fleur-de-Lis and Ankh symbol to indicate both her and her partner’s heritage.
I had completely forgotten about creating these! These were one first enamel pieces that I created as giveaways
I actually laughed when I saw this piece. It is hiding in my locker somewhere… I had intended it to be a pin but then wavered and thought about making it into a necklace… which lead to me put it away somewhere and never actually finishing it!
Another giveaway situation! I created several of these pins as a part of a swap for the Metal Arts Guild.
I created several posts about the Jewel Envy group show “Red.” Did I ever post images of all the completed pieces I made? (no!) Although there is this staged pic of one of three shield that I fabricated and something else to add onto my to-do list.

I hoped you enjoyed a bit of a trip down memory lane. If you end up browsing my blog let me know! If you have a favourite post also let me know!

Hope everyone is staying safe and sane out there.


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