I’ve had a couple of serendipitous encounters recently, so I thought I’d share the story of one of them with you this week. A lady came in a while ago, wanting a special 80th birthday present for a relative, including the brithstones of all the grandchildren. Now, this can sometimes be a tricky proposition, given the range of colours birthstones have, but luckily, the colours here worked nicely together!

Right, so that wasn’t the serendipity. The serendipity was that the woman happened to mention that the recipient was a quilter. How amazing-so am I! So, I immediately thought of some very classic quilt block patterns, particularly the star block, which I thought might lend itself well to including a number of stones (nice to be exact!).

There are alot of different styles, but here are a few variations. We settled on a basic sawtooth block style. Here’s the finished pendant:

It was a bit challenging to do such small cutouts (the stones are all about 1.5mm in diameter), but well worth it in the end! I love the fact that it has meaning for the recipient on more than one level, and our customer was really pleased with it! I also loved the fact that my unique knowlege allowed me to be able to suggest the design.

Anyway, that’s my story for this week! Happy Hallowe-en (or whatever other day you celebrate at this time of year :).


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