shoes that are gems, gems that are shoes.

I can say that as a goldsmith my focus about accessories crosses over into shoes. I was recently reminded of these gem like shoes from a company called United Nude 

 This lead to a google search of gem shoes, in which I came across these:
Marina Abramovic’s crystal Shoes for Departure

Marina Abramovic’s crystal Shoes for Departure, worn.
Marina Abramovic’s written
instructions: “With naked feet enter the shoes. Eyes closed. Motionless. Depart. Duration:limitless Material: amethyst”
From The In-Between: Shoes for Departure “offer to transport the viewer into an altered state of consciousness.
With the artist’s written instructions functioning almost as a hypnotic
suggestion, the shoes provide the means to enter a space of trance and
It was exciting to come across this vastly different examples and sit in contemplation for a few moments about the perception of materials as well as the function and purpose of accessories. Materials have different value to individuals; there is definitely a common thread of meaning attached to gemstones in jewellery that for a majority of people is connected to value. We do often get customers who are searching for meaning and connection through specific gemstones, which I always love learning and hearing about.