Should I just use a dip to clean my Jewellery?

The Basics of Jewellery Cleaning

In some of our earlier blog posts, we have covered the basics of jewellery care, including some content on cleaning. There are a variety of methods that can be used to clean your jewellery.

Using a dip may seem like the easiest method. If you choose to use a dip, you must have some knowledge about the jewellery.

Does it have gemstones? If the answer is yes, they need to be non-porous stones. Porous stones will soak up the chemicals. This can lead to discoloration as well as contributing to a complete disintegration of the stone. Some porous stones include pearls, opals, lapis lazuli, turquoise and coral. But there are many more.

You also need to know if your jewellery is plated. Dips work by removing the top layer of a piece which is the metal that has the tarnish on it.. If your pieces are plated, you will remove plating over time with repeated dip cleaning.

’20 Tips on maintaining our Jewellery’, Gillian E. Batcher, 2013

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