Some Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been loving the work of Kim Buck, a goldsmith and conceptual artist based in Denmark. His award-winning work playfully raised questions about the fundamental basis of jewellery and cultural values, and I find his mix of traditional gold smithing techniques and modern CAD technology to create wearable intricate rings, necklaces, pendants, brooches and objects really unique!

Buck’s work has been shown in various solo and group exhibitions and is displayed in museum collections around the world. He has owned his studio and gallery in Copenhagen since 1989.

Here are some rings from his ‘Puffed Up’ series (2011-2016), which I find especially amazing:

Welded from thin gold sheets, these rings have been literally ‘puffed up’ with hot air! To illustrating the risk of inflating ones ego, these rings will eventually wear and deflate with wear; this collapse will result in a series of uniquely formed signet rings, each one corresponding to its wearer.

Puffed Up Pendant