Spring jewellery cleaning

It may have just snowed last night, but the longer daylight hours and sense that spring is around the corner has kicked my need to spring clean into gear. I started making lists of things that I can get done before I start my work day, things to do after work, and then things to tackle on a day off. Cleaning jewellery is on my before work task list and my go to for tackling jewellery cleaning is a jewellery cloth. If you are in need of a product to help get some cleaning done yourself, pictured below is a few items that we carry.

In addition to the clothes and liquid cleaners we offer cleaning and polishing services and often let our customers know the best way to care for pieces of jewellery when they’re picking up something that has been repaired, redesigned or custom made by us in the studio. If you have a jewellery cleaning question please drop in to ask us some questions! – Alexis 

My go to cloth for easy at home cleaning with a quick rub. Great for daily touch ups before putting a piece of jewellery on.

For heavier duty cleaning this cloth is embedded with buffing compound (the red section) to clean heavily tarnished pieces. This is an occasional deep clean and buff that adds back some shine to pieces.

Liquid cleaners are really great for items such as chain which can be a bit tedious to clean using a cloth.

After everything is clean these strips are a great addition to a jewellery box or even a plastic baggy to put away jewellery next to. This will help to prevent tarnish so you don’t have to clean pieces as often.