Stack ’em on!

A few reasons why I love stacking rings:
1. We think they are just A-ok! And we also give them a thumbs up:)

2. They are just so versatile. Wear a bunch of rings, wear just one, mix and match. Play 
around with different colours, textures, and proportions. Every day is a new stacking day, 
and there are no rules! (And ps – don’t forget about your pinkies and thumbs, 
they need love too!)
3. No need to splurge (unless you want to!) – we have a great selection of rings to fit 
every finger and every budget. We also do custom work, so there is no reason to not be stackin’!
If you need anymore reasons, please feel free to drop by the studio and we can discuss in person:)
Enjoy the last bit of weekend!