Sun in a stone

Occasionally common minerals form crystals that shimmer like the light of the moon or a rainbow on a soap bubble. Called iridescence, this phenomenon is caused by light scattering, or diffracting, off closely spaced layers in feldspar crystals. Sunstones are one of the gems cut from these iridescent crystals. They exhibit a reddish to golden schiller, resulting from light reflecting off numerous tiny copper or hematite (iron oxide) flakes scattered within the stones. *(info from the Smithsonian)*

If you love moonstone or labradorite (both feldspar crystals) you might just love sunstones. I collected a few images from the old interwebs to give you a bit of sunshine through stones; you might not get vitamin d from them, but they will give you LIFE! – Alexis

sparkle, sparkle.

Showing off the range of colours.

Blurry, but still pretty ;o)

There is something about this shape and colour that just works beautifully. You can definitely see the coppery flash within the stone on this one!

Pretty pebble shapes.