Opening Happiness

Hello Sunday Readers,

When the days are cold, frosty and chilly like today,  I go to my cellphone and look for some of the photos that remember me that spring is always around the corner!

I have thousands of pics about so many things that give me strength to keep going and happiness to be a life.

Thousands of photos of my little one, Simon, the most incredible human been that came to our lives to give us all, faith and hope this world will be round and bright again!

My grandson Simon and his mom.

Many of them are jewellery’s photos, gorgeous pieces that I had made, incredible ones from my talented coworkers, like the one I will show you below, the lovely ones you see on a window shop or in a magazine and you will love to change your own way.

Persian Poem. Saeedeh Rahmati, Saeedeh Jewelery. Green Agate and Sterling Silver.

The translation of the poem is “I thrive on one thousand longings and each one is you”

One of the best parts of being a goldsmith is the beauty of been in love with what you do and keep learning every day to do it even better.

Saeedeh is an artist and her work inspire all of us.

I have too photos of the most amazing flowers we have back at home, the display is so powerful that you think it’s not real!  The colors, shapes, smells, sizes, always in my memory what ever I go.

Centro Comercial Santa Fe, Medellin, Colombia
Desfile de Silleteros, Medellin, Colombia

Even photos of fruits and legumes that smell like heaven! Colors that I can see if I close my eyes… when I need them the most.

Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

Open, look, sing, dream of what ever give you happiness and make of this Sunday a great day!

Thanks so much for buying local, for been with us all along the way!

Have a nice Sunday


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