Sunny Saturday!

It’s definitely April (right? April showers…and all that!). It’s a bit dreary and wet outside (although a reasonable temperature). It’s always sunny in the studio, though! In honour of the sun, here’s a small curated collection from the bubbles in the studio that make me think of the sun!

It’s all about the sun today!

Large necklace by Robin (House of Cassady), then clockwise from the bottom: Citrine ring by Gillian (Pash Jewellery Designs), opal stud earrings by Aurora (Handmade Revotion), hoop earrings by Alexis (Glaciale Goldsmith), half moon pendant by Karyn (Sticks vs Stones), pod earrings by Alex (Kinsley Vey Designs) and bracelet by Jen (Frekkel Designs)

Hope to see you soon!