Surprise Gift Giveaway!

This month at Jewel Envy we’re giving our valued jewellery lovers a little something in return. Just in time for Mother’s Day (May 11th in case you forgot!) we are offering a gift to the first 9 people who spend $100 or more on in-store jewellery. That’s like getting 2 pieces of jewellery for the price of 1, pretty sweet!

And I’m not talking a dinky little door prizes here my loves, I mean handmade with love REAL jewellery by Jewel Envy goldsmiths. I can’t tell you what the pieces are, that would ruin the surprise, but we will reveal the prizes as they are claimed here on the blog, facebook and instagram.
What I can show you is some great gift ideas, or treats for yourself, that will get you one of our gifts.

Bracelet: Tete Jewellery $180, Earrings: Pash Jewellery Design $100, Earrings: Ellolite $120, Bracelet: H.P. Lafaurie $120

Top Necklace: Cathcart Designs $200, Bottom Necklaces: Glaciale $340, Right Necklaces: $100 and $175

Rings Left to Right: Acherade $150, Zsolt Szekely $550, Darija Radic $100, Bottom Earrings: Koko Bijoux $185, Necklace: Jewelust $150, Earrings: H Jewelry $120

Happy shopping!