New Series from House of Cassady now available!

I’m adding new work to my bubbles at the studio this week, and I’m pretty stoked about it. These are a series of pieces designed around the red blood cell (yes, it’s my ongoing obsession with the immune system coming out again!).

electron micrograph of field of red blood cells- round red circles with a depression in the middle.

This is an picture of a field of red blood cells. Essential carriers of iron, among other things, did you know they don’t have a nucleus (brain of the cell!), giving them that characteristic “donut” look.

These are the base series (all done in sterling silver!): a short and longer element done as: bracelet, pendants, ring and 3 earring styles. (backdrop postcard done by Leonie Schoen– don’t you love it??)

I have plans for some other, slightly more elaborate pieces in the future, but these first pieces will be available in the studio from next week. I’ve decided to call them “Rolling”, since I feel like I can see them rolling along a blood vessel.

Wondering how big they are? Here’s some scale photos:

My favourite are the half hoops, I think–how about you?

Visit the studio to see them in person, and try them on! With their simple elegance, and undulating curves, they’re sure to be a new favourite!

Happy Saturday!

Chain Chain Chain

When it comes to goldsmithing and jewellery making, chains are pretty much essential. Whether large or small, handmade or machine made, the chain we choose needs to work with the aesthetic of the piece, and hold up to the practical needs and weight of the piece. These choices also determine the cost of the finished piece, so financial balance is considered by our goldsmiths as well. Ideally, we want to feel good about every aspect of our jewellery, so here is a mini breakdown to help you decide.

Handmade and Hearty

Handmade chains tend to be unique and chunky. The desire for a handmade chain is the desire to see and feel the creativity of the artist. These pieces are statement pieces – one of a kind and easy to identify as yours. They tend to be made of solid material, like the solid Sterling silver pieces shown here, or solid gold that can be made upon request.

Half and Half

Almost any chain can be handmade, but the amount of labour it takes to form and solder each link in a dainty, long, symmetrical chain, makes it impossible to compete with the cost of machine made chains. Sometimes, a goldsmith will use machine made chain, not only to balance the cost, but to balance the weight of the piece. This way, the piece falls properly, without turning in a way that requires constant adjustment.

Smart, Savvy, and Symmetrical

We know that machines can make lighter, daintier, more affordable symmetrical chains, but it is not just in their technique. Machines are able to make chain out of material that is not solid gold/silver, such as very light, hollow links, or base metal wire with gold fused around it. The durability and wearablitily differs depending on your intention for these chains, and we have some beautiful options for sale in the studio.

If you are looking for a statement chain, a signature look, an easy accessory, or a replacement for a favourite pendant, come by the studio and let us guide you through the best options for your needs. We are more than happy to nerd out on ideas, or set you up with a quick, effective solution, whichever works best for you!

For the Custom of Love

This post is going to be for the organised.

Having just come through an intense holiday season, you may not be ready to talk about Valentine’s. However, if you are thinking that you or a loved one would adore a gorgeous custom creation on February 14th, this is exactly the time to get that started.

Custom pieces do not fall to a specific timeline, so it is good to come to us with an idea as soon as you can. We can start the ball rolling by email, in person, or even over the phone. Not only do we assist people directly, we also can take notes or create a wish list of someone’s desires for a special piece. This way, a loved one in need of direction and guidance is sure to get it right, just by coming into the studio with their loved one’s name as a reference.

Recently, we made a gorgeous gift for a couple who wanted their connection to be reflected in a couple’s creation. They requested matching necklaces that come together to form a symbol of harmony and balance – the Yin and Yang.

Make sure everything fits
Make sure they work separately
Lovely Together
Lovely on Their Own

If you have ideas about special people or moments you would like to express in a beautiful custom piece, reach out to us and let us create something wonderful.

Story Time Part III

By now you have learned a lot about Eric Petersen so you might be getting a sense of how he is the kind of person you just want to have in your circle of colleagues and friends. He stays true to himself in all endeavors and inspires that in others. Read below on what inspired this established goldsmith to try to develop a scented candle!

With skateboarding being his first true love, part of his backpack arsenal always included a candle for the purpose of waxing ledges to perform tricks on, so developing a candle seemed totally on brand.

Years later he would accidentally light himself on fire when the button-down Yves Saint Laurent shirt he was wearing dangled into a candle at the home of his high school sweetheart. Never had he imagined that he would someday have to utilize the lesson he learned way back in grade school – to stop, drop and roll. Miraculously, an undershirt spared his back from serious burns. And so it was written…

Petersen’s origins however, which are deeply rooted in this candle, are in actual flames. And that statement is as dramatic as it sounds. In the early 1970s, Petersen’s father tragically lost his first wife and three baby girls in a house-fire. This has haunted and helped Petersen for his entire life because believing that everything happens for a reason, he often reflects on the fact that had that tragedy not occurred, his father might not have met his mother, and he and his sisters might not be here at all.

When Petersen was faced with his own tragic circumstances to work through, namely the death of numerous friends in a relatively short period of time, the thought of his half-sisters and the belief that everything happens for a reason was a guide and source of comfort for him through the grieving process.

Developing his signature scented candle Campfire Kiss was a labour of love for Petersen. It became, and is, a beacon of light, a ray of hope, in honour of the lives that were lost, and the lives that were gained. It’s a tribute to love and lost love, the eternal flames that burn inside and define us.

You don’t need to know the entire history of why candles appeal to Eric to appreciate what they represent to many- a quiet and cozy night in, a loving embrace of a partner, cuddling with a pet, reading a book, or a time for reflective solitude. All of these moments pair perfectly with the great Canadian of making your way out of the city to enjoy the stars surround by nature. In times of uncertainty we all gravitate towards nostalgia and the feelings that can be evoked through scent are some of the strongest. Eric often retreats into his own nostalgia for the wilderness and smoke-kissed clothing which explain how he arrived at his signature candle. Campfire Kiss evokes that shared Canadian nostalgia we all long for when bogged down in regular life.

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