Introducing the Beirut Rising Collection

Sometimes it feels like the world in crumbling before our very eyes. Tragedy after tragedy can make us feel like we can’t have an impact but that isn’t true. Small gestures of kindness and creating opportunities to generate funds for charities where money goes where it’s supposed to can make a world of difference even from a world away. Read below to see how Jessica Nheme of her newly rebranded company Mavia Design is working to make a different to those affected by the explosion in Beirut just last month. -Gillian

In Arabic script, this gorgeous pendant reads, “Your faith has to be greater than your fear”.

The Faith Necklace is a tribute to the Lebanese People. Handmade and designed with deep purpose. 100% of the profits generated from the sale of this necklace will be donated to The Lebanese Red Cross to support the relief effort in Beirut, Lebanon after the catastrophic explosion that devastated the country on August 4th, 2020.

This explosion killed hundreds, injured thousands and left 300,000 people homeless. The Lebanese people are fighting for their liberties and against the corruption of the system which has forgotten them. All while mourning the loss of their loved ones and putting their lives back together, one brick at a time.

Mavia’s Founder, Jessica Nehme, was born in Lebanon during the Civil War. Her family moved their life to Toronto, Canada to avoid the political and social challenges of their beloved country. Thirty-Five years later, the same challenges not only remain, but have worsened. Out of sadness and a deep call to create something of value and impact, the Beirut Rising Collection was born.

This is the first of three designs to be released, the Faith Necklace is an ode to the strength, resiliency and true essence of the human spirit. It is a reminder to never give up, to keep fighting for what is right, and that when our faith is greater than our fear, we can change the world.

The necklace is available in sterling silver (pendant and chain) as well as gold plated pendant on sterling silver with a gold filled chain. You can shop this collection here and it will also be available through Jewel Envy soon!

What’s on my bench this month?

I really enjoy taking on custom work, for a variety of reasons.  Not least is, for the most part, it’s fun to interact with clients, helping them bring a vision they have to life, as well as stretching creative brain cells on new designs.  Especially as they’re often pieces that I wouldn’t just decide to come up with on my own, or they include technical challenges that are fun to tinker with.

I don’t often use very large stones, so this one was fun for that, plus I really enjoyed coming up with additional touches to really make this a one of a kind piece!

This pendant carrier was a technical challenge for me, there were two key things it had to do: be completely removeable, and have the capability to carry a pendant, or not.

My current challenge is actually a jewellery redesign.  My client acquired this great multi-diamond ring for a good price from an estate dealer, with the idea that she would reuse the components (stones and gold) to make a new ring, and I have the great pleasure to bring a new piece to life!

Multi-diamond ring on a thin gold band- bit too weddingy, but a good re-use of materials for a new design!

Our interaction started with a world of possibility, but after a bit of discussion, she decided that she really liked this ring shape that she already had in silver.

sterling silver wave ring

So, I set off to do some ideas of how to place the stones, and came up with a few different ideas:

We’ve come to an agreement about which is the preferred design, and now I’m on to carving the wax.  I could fabricate the design directly in metal, but the wax is more forgiving, and also allows for design changes before making the final piece.  The flexibility casting allows makes it a good choice, not only for pieces where the design is a bit more sculptural in nature, but also where there’s some possibility that the design needs to be modified before making the final piece.

Watch this space for an update sometime soon! 

Like I said, I really enjoy taking on custom work, contact me at the studio to start a discussion about that piece you’re harbouring a desire for in your secret heart!

Enjoy the long weekend, and stay healthy!

Robin (House of Cassady).

Spotlight on Alexis Kostuk!

We are trying something new here with our social media and part of our new initiative is to make sure everyone at Jewel Envy receives equal representation across our various platforms. That means you can look forward to seeing artist spotlights each Sunday as we work through a rotation highlighting each member of the space.

Today I would like to highlight what Alexis of Glaciale Goldsmith has been up to. If you have been in the store recently you may have seen her amazing new line of sharks or her marriage of metal pieces. We have posted some pictures on FB and Instagram but that is the obvious work she does; today I want to highlight some of the behind the scenes work taking place.

As you may know Alexis is the studio manager here. What that means is that she is responsible for a fair bit of equipment maintenance, social media, studio organization and coordination as well as retail and teaching. One of her recent initiatives was to move us over to steam dewaxing for our casting burnouts. She spoke with various casting houses and came up with a plan to help us make this switch. The reason for doing so is that during the wax burn out process one of the most toxic stages is when wax reaches a temperature where it actually burns out of the flask. This releases toxins into the air and although we have a good ventillation system it was not removing everything and some people were getting headaches from the burnout.

By switching to a steam dewaxer, the wax comes out of the flasks using steam and pressure at a much lower temperature before the wax has a chance to burn. This means cleaner air for us, cleaner castings for the jewellers here and an overall improvement in the casting process. Switching over has not been without a few bumps along the way but with an interest in troubleshooting and excellent problem solving we have a safer system in place for all. Thank you Alexis for your perserverence!


Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday y’all!  If you’re looking for something to fill your hours, 
Alexis Kostuk of Glaciale Jewellery can help you out.

Today is the last day of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and she has lots of 
beautiful pieces to pique your interest and unburden your wallet.
So head down to Nathan Phillips Square and say hello. 
(Also say Happy Birthday, because today is her very special day!)
How can anyone resist this smiling face??!
Booth H12, under the charming blue tent.
xx sash

Custom Jewellery

I recently had the pleasure of creating some custom jewellery for a customer and I wanted to show off the necklaces, take a look!

The customer brought in a strand of coral branches she wanted to use, here are the loose pieces after I removed them from the strand.

Here are the design sketches that I presented to the customer; they were really open minded so I did some options for necklaces and earrings – there were lots of beads to use!

The customer decided on two necklaces, to give as gifts. Finished necklace #1.

Finished necklace #2.

The necklaces were a joy to make, and it goes to show that you can always reinvent old strands of beads that you might have lying around.  Maybe you have some beads or old pieces of jewellery lying around that could be revamped, drop by the studio and inquire! 


Custom dog charm made by Alexis Kostuk of Glaciale.

A personalized
gift speaks volumes of the thought put into a gift.  Maybe we have something in stock that will be just right, if not
we can make something special as a gift.  We love
consulting and making one of a kind pieces.

To have something made in time for Valentine’s, drop in or call (647) 436-6709 to book a
Jan 20th,
Jan 21st,



The goldsmiths
of Jewel Envy love sourcing gemstones for custom creations.  Whether you
want a sapphire that matches the colour of someone’s eyes, a birthstone, or even simply a favourite colour.  We can find it for you to make a unique piece of jewellery.

To have something made in time for Valentine’s, drop in or call (647) 436-6709 to book a

Jan. 19th,
Jan 20th,

Jan 21st,

The best gifts are not only hand picked, but custom created!
 *We book consultations all year around our customer’s scheduling needs, these scheduled consultation slots are so we can make something unique in time for Valentine’s.*

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