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Yuko Fujita

Yuko is a Japanese artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She initially studied Japanese Literature in Tokyo, but moved to Australia in 2001 to study Jewellery Design. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

“The jewellery I create is much like words and images, but concealed in shapes that are borrowed from nature. I utilise elements such as shape, colour, texture and movement, and transform them into wearable objects that I hope closely engages the wearer or viewer of the piece, triggering an emotional response and inspiration.”

Yuko’s pieces are realised through a spontaneous reaction to her materials, which creates outcomes that are never the same, reclaiming found objects as wearable sculptures. She is interested in making contemporary jewellery that interacts with the wearer. Yuko gives free reign to the interplay between the fundamental qualities of material, texture, shape and colour. Each piece is a tribute to her very personal and charming way of observing the world.

Spoon handles are cut into small faceted beads, like crystals, and painted in botanical greens and reds. Sometimes Fujita leaves her wooden carvings raw, at other times she lightly burns them. The effect is of secret gardens and lost worlds full of seeds, plants and animals, all living in harmony.

She explores the universal void; the feelings of longing and yearning in us all and manages to delicately evoke this in her work, which is often as tactile as it is visually compelling.

“Jewellery is complete when it interacts with the wearer emotionally and physically.”

I admire the beauty in nature. Particularly the botanical world where I like to extract elements such as shape, colour, and texture to create a new identity. By also borrowing from my Japanese literary influences, I use visual language to tell a story through obscure metaphorical forms, so that the wearer can engage with my work using their own interpretation.”

Information for Yuko Fujita provided by Pieces of Eight Gallery, Courtesy of the Artists, The Age and e.g.etal Gallery. You can also check out her blog.

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