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Browse through this post, check out our online shop, or drop in for gift ideas. There are way too many beautiful pieces to capture through photos; I wanted to compile some to browse through in this blog post. Some have links you can follow to purchase, otherwise do not hesitate to email with questions or to purchase <3

There is so much more to see in the studio, more item are added weekly!

Jewellery by Serena Merucci of Merendina Jewellery and Designs
Rotelle Necklace with Garnets (also available with carnelians) $130
Farfalle Brooch $250
Macaroni Studs $80
Jewellery by Natalia Naranjo of Naty Naranjo Jewellery
Loop Earrings $185
Loop Bracelet $320
Jewellery by Robin Cassady-Cain of House of Cassady
Textured Kinetic Earrings $70
In the Blood Necklace $950
Jewellery by Aurora Simmons of Handmade Revolution
Oak Leaf Earrings $60
Tanzanite Leaf Necklace $290
Ombre Bracelet $315
Jewellery by Alexis Kostuk of Glaciale Goldsmith
Allium Ring $5475
Druzy Necklace $95
Grey Chandelier Earrings $395
Jewellery by Gillian E. Batcher of Pash Jewellery Design
Sapphire Ring $1465
Argyle Pin $125
Cardinal Earrings $250
Jewellery by Karyn Houston of Sticks vs. Stone
Chalcedony Clover Earrings $230
Dryad Necklace $370
Jewellery by Jerell Reichert of Urban Metal
Paper Clip Drop Necklace $375
Olive Cufflinks $260
Cable Cuff Bracelet $295
Jewellery by Jennifer Trotman of Frekkel Designs
Little Leaf Cuff Bracelet $190
Love Goop Necklace $90
Short Rivet Earrings $190
Jewellery by Edna Milevsky
Magen Necklace $275
Magen Studs $120
Magen Bracelet $95
Jewellery by Hyewon Jang of H Jewellery
Snowball Ring $285
Flower Studs $250
Jewellery by Alex Kinsley of Kinsley Vey Designs
Dosima Necklace $600
Growth Ring $120
Dockland Earrings $300
Jewellery by Shafiq Sarwari or Shafiq’s Jewelry
Pearl Earrings $150
Lapis Lazuli Circle Necklace $585
Grid Gem Ring $665

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