Thank you TOAF

The morning of my first in person Art show happened a week ago and I cannot be more thankful for having participated in an in person gathering that felt safe and got me talking to more people than what felt like more interactions in the last year combined. Check out the my work here.


Me: choosing a recently made necklace to wear (of which I have 4 available for sale) and adjusting me signage/selfie.
Work that was for sale July 4/5th in person at Stakt Market and some of which is now available at Jewel Envy.
Relaxing drink at the end of the show.
Follow soap ghosts advice and continue to wash your hands and I’ll add in wear a mask!

I am resisting the urge to be negative about my lack of social media build promoting I could have done to bolster activity and instead choosing to celebrate that I pushed through my anxiety about participating in person and being so extremely grateful to all the friends and family that helped me set up and kept me company <3

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