Tool Shed

Last week I went up to our family cottage with my Mom in Deanlea Beach. I love cottages, they have the best memories and the best stories. My Grandfather built this cottage in 1959 so it’s acquired quite a few over the years. Cottages are also the best places to find treasures. I love going through drawers and boxes but usually I stay out of the shed and just stick to the cottage itself. Last week my Mom was painting the shed (I helped, I swear!) so there was a bit of extra focus in that particular area. I can’t help myself, my Mom and I started nosing around and I ended up emptying a drawer labeled “Grandpa’s Tools”. I don’t know if you know this but jewellers LOVE tools. Well, I’m a jeweller (obviously) and I love tools and I love anything antique or vintage. Put those together and I’m in heaven! So I thought I would share with you all the cool looking things we found in that drawer. Enjoy!

Vice grips, wooden level, sharpening stone, lock
Various wrenches
More wrenches and a piece of a monkey wrench
Never seen wrenches like this before but they are super cool looking
Chisels and screwdrivers
Hammers! So many awesome rusty hammers.
Shears, tire iron and steel brush
Antique blowtorch!
Made in Canada? That’s how you know it’s super old.