Unusual and Creepy Jewellery

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some times we question if the beholder has lost it’s glasses (or it’s mind). for a fun Sunday, I made a small recompilation of creepy and unusual jewellery around the internet.

Insects and small animals
 Personally, I don’t like it, for the sake of the animals (even tho some are made with already dead critters), but this is not a new trend, as insects trapped in amber are found in jewellery pieces around the world for many centuries.

Image result for real bugs in jewellery -etsy

Teeth and other body parts
Some decide to remember friends and family (pets included) by carrying with them some piece of the deceased, a reminder of their child’s first teeth, others just had their wisdom teeth removed and wanted to do something with them; either way, its very common to get this kind of requests as a goldsmith.

Image result for human teeth jewellery 
Not literal food, but make hyper realistic looking jewellery reminiscent of  our favorite dishImage result for ugly jewelleryweird jewelry

To be honest, I find this one the most disturbing, carrying effigies of decapitated heads, I know they are made of plastic but still… no

Image result for doll made jewelleryImage result for doll made jewellery

Unusual and creepy or unique, you decide.