Velentine’s Day

Valentine’s day.

After celebrating Christmas, one of the best
times of the year with family and friends, Valentine’s day
is again an opportunity to show love and admiration for the people that
is cherished to us.

Valentine’s Day, is celebrated annually on
February 14. It’s  recognized as a significant cultural,
religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in
many regions around the world.

Jewel Envy has this year
incredible pieces from incredible goldsmiths from all over the glove, we
have pieces for all budgets and all of them have been done having you ,
our costumers in mind.

In this first photo a galore of
earrings, every one of them  make for a different goldsmith, but all
are great pieces to show  your love and let them know how much they mean to you.

From left to right and from top to bottom, Amethyst and Enamel earrings from Glacial Goldsmith, Alexis Kostuk. Sterling Silver earrings from Vera Wei.  Sterling Silver and Gold plated earrings from Pash, Gillian Batcher. Yellow Gold and Amethyst from Radi Brothers Jewelry, Zaf Radi. Sterling Silver earrings from Urban Matel, Jerell Reichert. Sterling Silver, gold plated earrings from hplafaurie Jewellery Design, Helena Perez-LaFaurie.

The second group has rings to celebrate anniversaries , engagement , even the blessing of a new baby. Each one will be custom made to fit you and your love one!
Valentine’s Day can be a memorable day to get engaged with your other half!

are one of the pieces women love the most, Jewel Envy has a great variety at incredible
prices, a good example is this necklace with coins in sterling silver from hplafaurie, Helena Perez-LaFaurie.

Jewel Envy always works and designs new pieces thinking on you and the people you love!

Happy Valentine’s day from all of us at Jewel Envy

Have a nice Sunday!


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