Goldsmiths – A journey through time!

Hey everyone, Jessica here! I figured a snowy Saturday seems like a good time to take you on a journey through time in the art and history of the Goldsmith.

Goldsmithing is the practice of working with gold and other precious metals to create objects of adornment, especially jewellery. Goldsmiths have existed ever since gold itself was determined to be of value. We have seen the products of goldsmiths all throughout history in utensils, ceremonial and religious items, talismans, jewelry and art.

A Goldsmith possesses the knowledge and ability to forge, solder, cut, cast, file, and polish metal – just to name a few skills of a potentially much longer list! Historically, these skills were typically passed down within family and under apprenticeship. Although apprenticeship is still a common practice today, there are now many jewelry arts programs available throughout various schools around the world.

According to Bulgarian archeologists, the oldest known gold artifact is a gold bead discovered under a small house of a prehistoric settlement outside of Pazardzhik – the bead is said to date back 6500 years!

Check out these images below of goldsmiths through different eras – and be sure to visit us at 151 Marion Street, Toronto to see what the goldsmiths of today are creating at Jewel Envy!

 BULGARIA ~ Gold bead found in prehistoric settlement
Image result for gold bead bulgaria
  EGYPTIAN ~ Gold from King Tutankhamun’s Tomb
Gold from King Tutankhamun's Tomb  

GREEK ~ A Gold Earring From the Etruscan Period
A Gold Earring From the Etruscan Period 
 ROMAN ~ An Early Roman Christian Reliquary
An Early Roman Christian Reliqaury
 CANADIAN (@JEWEL ENVY) ~ The work of Helena Perez Lafaurie

Sincerely, a Happy Goldsmith,


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