View from the Pier

Industrial Inspiration by Alex Kinsley Vey

I based my series of large necklaces on this skyline of one of Hamilton, Ontario’s industrial sectors. Something about this gritty, chaotic, area of the city always stuck with me.

Generally it was always viewed from afar, across the lake while driving over the skyway on the eastern side, or seen in the distance along York boulevard from the western entrance. It was always in motion, day and night.

One of the many chemical plants inside the sectors.

These examples of Hamilton’s industrial past aren’t often seen in a positive light, but there was something that drew me back there time and time again. Something about the bright blues and red, caked in grime and the tell tale signs of age, contrasted with the bare utilitarian metal structures radiated an immense feeling of power to me.

The first three necklaces I made for the series.
Photo by Greg Fraser
Photo by Greg Fraser

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look into the inspiration behind my work