We’re still creating work!

What does trying to continue running a business while following stay at home directives means for the goldsmiths working at Jewel Envy? Because we cannot work from home we are continuing work in the studio on custom projects, repairs, and redesigns. Not being able to have walk-ins to meet with customers in person means the onus for getting custom jewellery made has shifted largely onto the customer and I encourage anyone interested in a custom piece to browse the goldsmith galleries, our instagram, and websites. We like to remind people that you may not see the exact piece you are looking for; we want you to choose someone whose work speaks to you whether is because of their style, the materials they like to work with, or the techniques they like to use. We’re staying on top of emails so any and all questions can still be sent our way and we can start a discussion on the best course of action for starting on a custom jewellery quest! – Alexis

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