What being a Goldsmith has taught me about life.

Being a Goldsmith has taught me a very important lesson about life – that all things created are never beautiful in the beginning. First there is a vision, a dream. Then come the unknowns, the molding, the mistakes, the re-dos, the things that don’t quite fit, the dirty hands, the frustrations, the ah-ha moments, the seeking of guidance, the patience, the staying the course, the polishing and refining, and the destination.

In process (before): Men’s rings by Jessica Rita Jewelry

The process looks rough 90% of the way through, and then…there comes something beautiful. And then we do it all over again, why?

Because it is our nature to KEEP CREATING.

Polished (after): Men’s Ring by Jessica Rita Jewelry

The lesson that is repeatedly taught for me through this profession is to always stay the course. To keep chipping away, because sometimes its not meant to all come together right away. Sometimes there are important lessons, people and gifts that await you along the journey toward your dreams.

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