What I have been up to…



I am
Ivane a resident goldsmith at Jewel Envy. I have been working here for just
over a year now since coming back to Canada. I love working here at Jewel Envy
as we all draw on each others strengths, motivation and creativity in a never
ending process. We also all learn from each others and help each others on a
on-going basis and this is all happening in a great and fun environment!


is my week at the Studio!


I am working on remodelling an emerald and diamonds ring from a client. The
ring doesn’t fit anymore and the design is outdated. In addition my customer
also purchased some nice emeralds on her last trip to Columbia! 


worked together in order to fine-tuned her new ring design. She decided that
she wanted something simple, easy to wear and quite significant as well
whiteout being overpowering.


are the various steps,


Agreed on final design according to her desires and practicalities

Unmount existing rings and take off the stones (small diamonds and an emerald)
to be used in the new design

Carved the final ring in wax

Cast the ring in metal

Finish file and polish the ring


is where I am at today… now the emeralds and the diamonds need to be set into
into the metal and the ring will be finished and go to it’s forever home to
have a new life!


too could give new life to old jewellery!


your old jewellery – don’t leave them in a drawer – and have them remodelled
into something special that you really like and want to wear!


Oh! Of Course have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mothers day to all the
wonderful mums out there!

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