What is the brilliant cut gemstone ?

Brilliant cut is the most popular style of faceting for gemstone.
The shape is similar to a cone and provides maximized light
return through the top of the gems.

Ring by Rex Feng

Through scientific identification, brilliant cut reflects the most
part of the light, and it takes the best advantage of the optical
properties of gemstones to produce maximum fire and
brilliancy. The most common brilliant cut round gemstone has
58 sections, and the high-grade brilliant cut diamond can have
more than 200 sections

Ring by Rex Feng

As the most popular diamond shape, the large and bright
round diamond is the safest choice, and It can match any

Pendent by Gillian e. Batcher

However, the brilliant cut is more difficult to cut and the cutting
consumption is larger, compared with special-shaped
gemstones, if they have the same weight, clarity and colour,
the price of brilliant cut gemstone will be higher than others.

Brooch by Alex Kinsley

Brilliant cut gemstone can not only be used as the design
center of jewellery, but also has its characteristics in matching
with other shapes of gemstones.

Ring by Rex Feng