Panurgic feature on Rio Grande’s blog

I was just checking out my regular jewellery social media pages and came across Rio Grande’s feature on Panurgic based in Portland, Oregon.

I have been following Panurgic on Instagram and love to get a glimpse into the production line of casting that they accomplish. Check it out:

Sooo many pieces! *image taken from Rio Grande’s feature on Panurgic, to see more check out the link*

They love to share process shots (swoon!) Sometimes I can’t help but exclaim, “what the heeeey?!” so every once in a while I will have questions for Spike and he has always been generous enough to fill me in on his processes with a lot of helpful hints.

It is nice to see that his passion for sharing his process and skills has come from how he started his own studio as well as a passion for casting in general.

Thank you Spike for sharing your knowledge with me. Also comforting to know there are other people that read data sheets and instructions in their spare time!


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