This week: Spotlight on our new resident goldsmith, 
 Haydée Pérez Criollo, (HPC).

Haydée recently moved to Canada from beautiful Venezuela adding to our already international crew of jewellers. She started making jewellery about 14 years ago and has since spent her time unleashing her creativity and inspiration in both jewellery but also sculpture and household objects and has won an award in her homeland. She also has a piece in the permanent collection at the Ciudad Bolivar Museum.

Haydée’s beautiful pieces are bold and colourful as she uses a multitude of techniques and as shown in a few example below;


Come and say “Ola” to Haydee next time you come to Jewel Envy! 

P.S. Did you know that they say “Chevere” to mean great in Venezuela? I say “Chevere” to Haydee and her Jewellery!

Ivane Thiebaut