All That Jazz

If you read our blog, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media you’ve probably heard that Jewel Envy owner Gillian Batcher is getting married this summer. We’re all very happy and excited for her and my excitement was re-sparked this week when the wedding invitation arrived in the mail. Its minimalist Art Deco design and “elegant attire” dress code instructions got me thinking what pretty much any girl would immediately start thinking:…..What the heck am I going to wear??
Inspired by the invitation theme and what I’ve heard and seen in regards to the bridal gown and jewellery I started to brainstorm what kind of jewellery and dress I could wear.
What is “elegant attire” anyway? Well, I couldn’t find an exact definition but basically we’re talking a step up from your regular sun dress and business suit but we’re not into ballgowns and bow ties. All though you could probably get away with a bow tie in a matte or patterned fabric.

Look by David Jones

Maybe some fashionable yet humourous cufflinks? I think so!

Bacon Cufflinks by Lauren Hanham Designs

I feel like dresses don’t have to be floor length but they probably shouldn’t be too far above the knee. Personally I’m going to opt for a maxi dress do I don’t have to wear heels 😛 Not that they are mandatory but they do tend to be more elegant than flats. That being said, you know what you’re comfortable in so don’t go buy 6 inch heels because you think you have to. You definitely don’t.

Um, Hello!!! Mine, yes?

I was inspired by Gillian’s Art Deco-ish theme and this citrine pendant I’ve been rocking lately from the same era that’s been passed down through my family. The sunny coloured stone has me leaning towards making myself a yellow vintage/modern mix inspired maxi dress. Yes…MAKE. Pretty much all the jewellers at the studio are addicted to all forms of DIY. I hear there are support groups. If this dress is successful it will make a reappearance at my cousin’s wedding the following month (also elegant attire). It’s a bright colour but it’s summer so I think it’s appropriate. It’s also nowhere near the colour of either of the parties’ bridesmaids’ dresses. I don’t know if that’s a thing, like wearing white, but I found myself at a wedding once wearing a similar colour to the bridesmaids and I felt a bit uncomfortable. I’m probably just crazy.

1930s vintage gown, Kim Kardashian in something pricey, random pretty girl who likes deep necklines
Art Deco sterling silver, citrine and marcasite pendant

I’ll let you know how the sewing goes. It is not my forte but hey, I’ve got like 2 months to practice!
P.S. Thanks to the people on Facebook and Instagram who helped me figure out what the grey stones in the pendant might me. Seems to be a general consensus that they are marcasite…I dig it 🙂