Artist Spotlight on Ivane Thiebaut

A few short weeks ago we welcomed Ivane Thiebaut as a resident goldsmith at Jewel Envy.  A native of Paris and truly a citizen of the world (she came to Toronto via Australia AND Chicago!), Ivane brings her unique worldview to jewellery line.

Having travelled the world, Ivane identifies with the idea of home which is reflected in her Canadian line. 

These “In The Wild Antlers” are available in Sterling silver or rose gold-plated over Sterling and as a necklace, earrings or pendant.

You can see the influence of Ivane’s travels to the Middle East in these lovely “new bohemian” drop earrings.

Imagine yourself in a caftan strolling the casbah in these delicious “Drop
of Pink” earrings, handmade with fresh water pearls and dyed agate on 24ct yellow gold.

Why limit colour to your ears when you can layer on the facetted pink, green, or red tourmalines in Ivane’s “Open Rings” in Sterling silver.

 Come visit Ivane in the studio and experience her incredible Parisian accent firsthand as she gives you an around the world tour of her incredible jewellery.


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