I want to be in the jewellery business but am not a maker. Can I?!

Have you every thought you might want to make your own jewellery or  design and build your own line of jewellery?

You have a million ideas but you have never taken a jewellery class.

But really how hard can it be?  Right?

Jewel Envy has a few different solutions.
1. Learn to fabricate your own jewellery line.
2. Design a line and have another goldsmith or trade shop make it for you.
3. Have another designer both design and make it for you under your own label.

At Jewel Envy we are excited when we meet people that want to learn we what do. We teach  introductory up to advanced classes in fabrication for one of a kind pieces and lost wax casting to make production or multiples of the same item.

Students gain an appreciation for the skills and time required to design, fabricate, and  finish  even the simplest band ring and get a beautiful mirror finish.  While some students become passionate for the process, and continue to manufacture the brand themselves, others decide to have someone else make it for them. 

Mia Chen, one of our resident goldsmith works on such projects.  She currently collaborates with one company but other goldsmiths work with a variety of small businesses. Mia has a keen eye for good design, and is fabulous at interpreting others ideas which has made the process of bringing someone else’s vision to life both possible and profitable.

Mia takes direction from the company she works with but adds much to this process as a skilled goldsmith who can discuss the design and then make a prototype. Sometimes Mia will show how the design can be slightly altered saving time and materials, and a new prototype evolves.

Once the prototype is approved it is ready to be manufactured either by Mia in our studio, or the company she works with has it sent overseas for production.  Other clients work a little differently by starting with an item they want to have made and a target wholesale price.

We can’t release the name of our clients, due to confidentiality, but we are happy to report that our clients who manufacture abroad look for ethical partners on the manufacturing end.

If this has peaked your interest and ends up being in line with what you have been thinking send us an email with the details or drop in to the store in person to discuss your exciting foray into the world of jewellery!

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