Did you know that you can wear Barbie?

Just over a week ago Barbie announced it’s line up of new dolls. I’ve never had a strong connection with Barbie or dolls in general. It was a hard won struggle for my mom to get me into a dress and regular doll play was never a part of my imaginative realm as a kid. However, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and the news popped up I did a momentary pause to appreciate the dolls varied appearances and thinking to myself that Mattel is finally getting something right.


If remembering your Barbie playtime has you nostalgic there is a great way to incorporate Barbie into your wardrobe…

SIDENOTE: I might not have been a huge fan of Barbie as a girl, but I am a RABID fan of Margaux Lange’s use of Barbies in her jewellery.

One of Margaux’s pieces is going to be worn by Samantha Bee on her Late Show Full Frontal. As Magaux remarked in her Instagram post, “Feels kind of appropriate and awesome that my work will be seen on the first and only late night show hosted by a woman.”

Keep an eye out for Samantha Bee wearing the Leg Lapel Pin. You can also contact Margaux to get one of your own!