Well this is it, my last blog post. I have finished my co-op placement at Jewel Envy and tomorrow is my last day. Last week the studio took me out for Thai food for my goodbye dinner and after working at the studio for 6 months it is a little sad to say goodbye. I have gained so many valuable skills while at the studio and I am really grateful to have had this opportunity. Doing this co-op has made me realise just how much I love to make jewellery and it is definitely something that I want to pursue in the future. So where am I going from here? well in September I will attending the Ontario College of Art and Design and I will see where that takes me in the future. I know that all I have been taught here by all the designers at the studio will be a great help to me while at university, especially if I stick with my decision to study jewellery design. Well I guess this is goodbye. I want to thank everyone at the studio for all they have taught me, I promise to visit and keep in touch. Bye ūüôā  


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