Jewellery Repairs the pros and cons

Repairs can be the bane of every jewellers existence but sometimes they turn out so well that they are worth the effort. To many in the jeweller field repairs mean accept with caution and handle with extreme care. Items brought in for repair often have sentimental value and little else; yet they often end up being the hardest pieces to work on. You never know how they were made, what materials were used and what has already been done to them in the quest to fix the piece over and over.

Ok that is the downside of repairs but there is an upside. The ring below is a perfect example. It was a custom ball bearing ring in 14K yellow gold with a smokey quartz donut set on top and a diamond set into the top of the donut. Both myself and the customer were thrilled with the piece. Through an unfortunate accident the ring was dropped on a marble floor causing the smokey quartz donut to shatter. So the dilemma ensued what to do with this sad looking ring. After consultation we decided to remake the top with a neutral looking gemstone. I brought a few options to the table and my client chose white moonstone. Now that the ring is finished with the new stone, it is as if the piece has been given a new lease on life. Now I wait for it to leave my hands for her finger where it can be shown off and admired as a new piece, for the second time.

The moral of the story. Repairs don’t always have to be boring. Sometimes they breath new life into a piece and restore valauble memories to the owner.


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