Did you know, filigree was invented about 5000 years ago in the middle east? It is a very unique style of jewellery making.

When you see intricate metalwork consisting of twisted/ interwoven fine wires, that is filigree. Its not just wires but threads too and these very thin wires are twisted together to create beautiful intricate patterns. These patterns are then placed together and soldered together to make jewellery whether it be rings, earrings or pendants.

Above picture are a pair of earrings made by one of Jewel Envy’s resident goldsmiths called Shafiq Sarwari featuring said filigree. His type of earrings are ‘openwork’ filigree’. When I say openwork filigree, that means there is no backing in his design. This style of filigree has a lace like quality and he hand twisted and coiled each delicate coil.

Come in to Jewel Envy to take a closer look!

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