A Fun Sunday Afternoon @ Jewel Envy

So in this afternoon, I started to make my own
sterling silver ingot wire. It’s a good practice and we don’t waste any metal, especially its cost has been growing higher and higher. Here are some essential equipment we need: ingot mold, oil, crucible, a pair of welding glasses and metal! Once you have all of  these, you are all set! Now, we are ready to cast. After the rod is cast, we can either roll it down through rolling mill or hammering. When it’s rolled, it will become like a square. What are we going to do? we want round not square!! It’s alright, don’t panic.
 We use draw plate to pull the wire, then it will become round eventually. We need to repeat the process for a few times in order to get our final result.


This is a recent custom order piece from a lovely girlfriend, Tina Lin. She has always been creating a piece of meaningful jewellery for her best sister, friend and herself. Finally, we have it worked out. I hope you will like it 🙂


 ChiaChien Tsai