Getting back into the studio this month!

Hello Readers,

As some of you may know I had a baby this June so I took a brief break from bench work leading up to her arrival and a little time after to bond. The problem is as the owner of Jewel Envy and someone who is used to working 60 plus hours a week I am finding the not working just as difficult as not holding my baby all day long. I know these are dilemma’s all new moms must deal with and resolve to keep a happy, healthy and balanced life.

I have been lucky enough that my husband has been able to take a paternity leave to let me get back into the swing of working. I feel confident she is in good hands with daddy but that will soon change as he goes back to work and we look for a little outside help.

Since being back in the studio I have already completed a custom diamond ring and started sketches of new work for an exhibition so I do feel I am on the right track. Now if only I could get a little more sleep things would seem to fall into perfect place :o)


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